Supporting Departments

Department Of English

““English is the Window of the World” said by Jawaharlal Nehru. Indeed we cannot imagine the world without the usage of English; especially it helps a lot to invent more and more in the field of Science and Technology. Keeping the above statement in mind we the efficient Faculty Members of the Department of English help the budding Engineers to view the world with their effective communication skills.

Department of Mathematics


All of them have rich and varied experience and will produce brilliant academic records with extreme sincerity and devotion.Department of Mathematics is committed to effectively impart the fine Mathematical knowledge to students of Engineering, which serve as a base for their engineering studies, and make them excel in their knowledge and life.

Department of Physics  

Our mission is to motivate the students to learn in a easy form .The dept has well modern equipped physics laboratory. All the scientific instruments are available in the latest configuration. Our moto is to get wonderful knowledge in engineering physics practically.  

Department of Chemistry

Our mission is to provide best teaching by providing full of ideas, taught stuffed with facts to the young bloods and quality research in our chemistry lab. Our research i.e chemistry practical is mainly directed towards the development of water technology. The department has introduced highly specific Flame photometer, Spectro photometer and pH meter for analyzing of water samples. Modern instruments and high quality glass wares are available for giving a good knowledge of an every experiment to the students in our chemistry laboratory.